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Simplify your self service with the highly adjustable Bluefire kiosk. Connect with your customer now! Engage, inspire, register, checkout, entertain and inform

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Interactive kiosk by Pan Oston

Imagine improving interaction, service, loyalty and even sales. The interactive kiosk from Pan Oston can give you exactly that. Such a terminal is the opportunity to improve customer experience and flow. It can be fully integrated into your omnichannel,- store or organization strategy.

As a market leader with 45 year of experience in checking out and self-service solutions, we offer you the best design for a customized interactive kiosk. We take care of the entire process from start to finish, including concept design, production, hard- and software, implementation, support and maintenance.

Our product portfolio includes kiosk solutions for information, paying, self-ordering, digital reception, registration, digital signage.

‘Simplify your selfservice with an interactive kiosk from Pan Oston’

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Matching the 'hybrid customer journey' we see more and more channels blending together. We are in a so-called Omni channel phase. In a retail environment we therefore increasingly see that a self-service kiosk helps consumers to get additional product information or place additional orders. We also see the kiosk, and especially in the supermarkets or DIY shop as a self-checkout.

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Gaming and betting

Specially-designed kiosk offers fun and convenience for customers and streamlines transactions for gaming and betting shops owners. Whether it's traditional cash in and cash out transactions, enrolment and loyalty platforms, sports betting, event tickets, and digital signage, there's a gaming and betting kiosk possible for each customer group.

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Traditionally, a host knows how to assist the consumer; in this case, the kiosk will take this hospitality role. This includes making reservations, online check-in, pointing the way, arranging tickets for theatre show/movies, placing orders in restaurants or takes a way meal, etc.

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In a care-related environment, an interactive healthcare kiosk helps visitors to sign up for a specialist, way of finding or seeking information. In addition, transactions such as submission of insurance or payment of medicines can be handled through the kiosk.

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Digital reception

A virtual reception desk in the form of a kiosk has many faces. At a hotel, a guest can sign up with the kiosk, get a key chain and order additional room service. With companies or (government) institutions and certainly in multifunctional buildings, no reception is needed with an interactive kiosk. Here too, the visitor can log in, after which a signal goes to the person who made an appointment with.

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Bluefire kiosk | Red Dot Design Award 2018

This highly customizable Bluefire kiosk simplifies self service. It is designed to simplify and speed up your interactive customer process in the most intuitive way. The standard, but adjustable configurations are ready for checking out, pre-order, registration, gaming and betting, ticketing and many more.

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Discover the Bluefire Kiosk, this interactive kiosk is powerful in its simplicity. The basic configuration can easily be adapted functionally for each market segment. Through the use of smart hardware and software components you offer your customers a unique user experience. This innovative and fresh design fits perfectly into your omnichannel organization and is the ideal solution for self-service.

The modular approach always offers you the right configuration for your touchpoint. Regardless of whether the kiosk is used as a digital reception, for pre-ordering in restaurants, a registration terminal in a hospital, or a payment terminal in a supermarket. Functionalities are adaptable to your customer needs. Together we develop the best solution for improving customer flow, loyalty, service and experience.

Bluefire offers:
  • Unique design
  • The best ergonomics
  • Configurable hardware
  • Multiple customer functions
  • Software integration
  • (Remote) service and easy maintenance


Your Bluefire kiosk can be functionally configured to the desired customer experience. We are happy to advise you on putting together the best Bluefire kiosk solution for improving customer flow, customer loyalty, service and experience.

Standard specs
  • PCAP touchscreen 22 / 24 inch. (Landscape or portrait) 27 inch (Landscape)
  • Windows or Android PC
  • White body
  • Pin device
  • 2D Barcode scanner
  • Receipt printer
  • E-IDreader
  • Webcam & Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Signature Pad
  • NFC reader
  • IBeacon technology
  • Cash management
  • RAL colour of choice body
  • Glass cover interactive area
  • Floor plate for free standing
  • Led communication ring

"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication"

Leonardo Da Vinci

The sky is the limit

Tell us your challenge and we offer you a world of possibilities. You could say 'The sky is the limit'. What actually matters is that we are working towards the ‘ultimate interactive kiosk’, which easily provide the best customer service.

We distinguish ourselves in visualization and design. In collaboration with you we enter into the best solution for improving customer flow, experience, store routing, footprint and ergonomics. A translation of the wishes and requirements delivers a complete, intuitive and compact self-service furniture.

From concept to prototype we visualize your solution. From our own production and assembly facility we provide Plug & Play terminals. The integration of the necessary hardware and software components are brought together in the overall end-product with the expertise of a select group of partners.

In context of the rapid technological developments it also appears that; ‘The sky is the limit’. Self-service technology offers surprising opportunities. A large part of your customers no longer see a difference between online and offline (sales) channels. They simply want; Convenience, experience and interaction. They want optimal service and be helped directly. This is why customers easily switch between personal attention and self-service capabilities in the form of a kiosk, information or charging points, self-scan and self-checkout.

‘Simplify customer interaction’

  • printing
  • scanning
  • paying
  • indentifying
  • information
  • advertising
  • connecting
Depending on the function of the kiosk, hardware can be integrated for printing a cash receipt, discount coupon, parking card, Public Transport card, membership card, etc.

ReceiptTicketsPlastic cards
A well-designed scanner is a must for any terminal. With scanning, a kiosk becomes the touchpoint that enables your customers to scan products or gain digital tickets, access cards, parking cards and other things, which they register or provide access to.

Ticket scannerCard readerBar codeNFC
One of the common features of a kiosk is making payments. This can be done by bank card, cash, special coins or loyalty card. Both integrated cash solutions and contactless payment are no problem.

CardCashTouchlessSpecial coins
A kiosk is very suitable for identification. Think of scanning a customer card at shops, as well as registering products for event tickets or check-in at a hospital and identifying passport, or membership cards.

Information kiosk boosts the interaction and involvement of your customers. It is a way to provide your customers with additional product information and customer-specific or centralised advertising. Also for finding your way an information terminal is used frequently.

Touch screenSpeakersCameraAdvertising
Linked to a loyalty program, you can show customer-specific ads through the kiosk. We also call this narrowcasting or digital signage. Advertising is a way of personally oriented up- and cross selling. This way a kiosk gets a solid place within your sales strategy.

Narrow castingDigital signage
In many ways we can connect with the customers' devices (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, Ibeacon). This connectivity allows you to help customers faster, forward special offers and give feedback, or offer the opportunity to register themselves, etc.



cases overview
Albert Heijn
Scan & Go kiosk
Selfscan and Self Checkout
paying scanning identifying
Self Service checkout kiosk
Albert Heijn kiosk 3
Albert Heijn kiosk close up
Albert Heijn SCO kiosk 1
Albert Heijn SCO kiosk

Scan & Go kiosk van Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn adds Scan & Go to all stores where customers can already self-scan their product with a mobile phone or hand scanner. The different forms of self-scan are combined into this payment terminal where all self-scan customers can easily complete their shopping trip. Two Dutch Albert Heijn stores in Wageningen and Amersfoort had the first novelty in March 2017.

Albert Heijn asked Pan Oston in 2016 to develop a compact Scan & Go kiosk. This compact furniture is both a self-checkout (SCO) as a Scan As You Shop solution (SAYS). All acquired knowledge from previously delivered versions in the Albert Heijn ToGo stores are included in this new intuitive and compact Scan & Go kiosk.

Both, the so-called basket customers can use this furniture as Self Check Out, as well as the customers with the big groceries, who mainly use the Scan As You Shop functionality. The advantage of this solution is that the customer does not have to make the choice for self-scanning at the entrance of the store. They can make the choice at the end of their customer journey when they find the queue at the cash register too long.

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Betting terminal for Tipico
Engage, transaction, subscription loyalty platform, sports booking
paying scanning identifying digital signage
Betshop kiosk
Tipico betshop
TIPICO Zuffenhausen (overzicht)
TIPICO Zuffenhausen

Booxware Gaming and betting kiosk Tipico

It was 2015 that Booxware, developer of hard- and software for sports betting, came into contact with Pan Oston. The initial question was about developing a sports betting pay-out kiosk. Early 2016, in Dusseldörf, we discussed the purpose, functionality and design of the furniture in detail. After this meeting it was eventually decided to make a completely new design of the existing betting terminal. In competition with 4 other parties, Pan Oston was able to stand out in design and prototype. In co-creation, Booxware's assignment was to develop a complete gaming and betting kiosk for Tipico. Tipico is the market leader in retail sports betting in Germany and has around 1.400 betting shops.

From design, hardware and software we have developed a unique and integral kiosk furniture with our partner Merlin Technology. A great amount of kiosk systems, both wall mounted and pedestal models, have been delivered.

From traditional cash in and cash out transactions to subscription and loyalty platforms; Sports booings, event ticketing, and digital signage. A gaming and betting kiosk must meet a large number of complex requirements. The kiosk model and display must be durable and flexible. In terms of design, the terminal must have an inviting form that fits the corporate identity and appearance of the betting shops. Outputs for use and User Interface must be simple and intuitive.

From the Pan Oston assembly hall and after a comprehensive function test, all kiosk systems are fully assembled with plug and play technology for delivery to the final customer. The betting shops get both remote support when it comes to software, and first line service when it comes to hardware and mechanical components. Already in the design and engineering phase, serviceability has been considered by the positioning of hardware components such as the coin tester and ticket reader in such a way that the components are easy to reach and replace.

“If your mother can fix the terminal then it’s a good product”.Dimitry Völkle
"The secret of the collaboration between Pan Oston and Booxware are the short and direct communication lines," said Dimitry Völkle, director of Booxware. "From the very first moment we frequently communicated and kept each other informed on a regular basis". To the question what made Booxware choose Pan Oston, Mr. Völkle indicated that this is an easy question. "First of all, we were very excited about the design. Our requirements and wishes were well understood and translated in the design of our gaming and betting kiosk. Booxware is a high value company and expects the same quality standards from its suppliers. Pan Oston is such a supplier. European companies also work with the same trade agreements ". We have to be honest, not everything can go right in such a project, so we are curious about Mr. Völkle's response to this; "Problems or challenges are always encountered, but by short communication lines they are quickly resolved."

“Pan Oston makes a difference and knows how to translate wishes into unique customer design”Dimitry Völkle

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Selfscan terminal
Inform and Self Checkout
paying scanning identifying
checkout Terminal
Renderfile_tedi_final models 2.6
Tedi_final render Self Scan

Self-scan and information kiosk TEDI

TEDI, a Non Food discounter with 1500 outlets in Europe, came in contact with Pan Oston throughout a search for the possibilities of self-service. A self-service kiosk that was already made for one of our other customers inspired them. That's why Pan Oston was trusted to develop such a self-scan kiosk for the TEDI stores.

This kiosk was intended for so-called basket customers. These are customers with a small amount of products. This self-service furniture served as a self-scanning kiosk, registration and information point. Due to the slim design, we could keep the footprint as small as possible.

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Versplatform Nederland
Information kiosk
Inform and advertise
narrow casting
Informatiezuil Verspaltform
Versplatform Nederland klein_2_wit+BLAUW
Versplatform Nederland klein_3_zwart
Versplatform Nederland productie
Versplatform staand

Tablet kiosk Versplatform Netherlands

Versplatform Netherlands is an organisation that supports fresh product specialists in marketing, communication and sales. In this capacity, Versplatform Netherlands also supports the butcher shops. When the government at the end of 2014 expected the butcher shops to provide their customers with allergy information, Versplatform Netherlands has picked up this industry-wide information facility and asked Pan Oston to develop a slim tablet kiosk model.

Through this tablet kiosk, centralised allergens information can be given about the products sold. The Butcher shops comply with the stated requirements.

It had to be a kiosk with a tablet holder and also serve as a physical folder rack. Due to the choice of a freestanding model, data and electric cables are easy to place. More importantly, the module on the back of the kiosk is designed in such way that the different brands of tablets can be easily placed.

In 2015, 50 different pedestal models and 160 wall models were created for various butcher shops. A Danish supermarket was very charmed by this kiosk and ordered 100 pieces later that year.

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Prodata Mobility Systems
Outdoor payment terminal
Register and checkin point
scanning identifying
Registratie zuil OV-Chip
ov kiosk 2
ov kiosk 3
OV kiosk
Prodata ov chip betaal zuil

Public transport Kiosk

Via Prodata Mobility Systems we were commissioned to develop and produce a completely new outdoor payment terminal.
After an extensive design study regarding use, weather, ergonomics and vandalism, a public transport check-in point has been developed, which most Dutch train passengers have seen in close proximity.

Climate control was an important part of this payment terminal. The terminal with all its hardware and software had to be able to breathe through a grid, but should not get wet. This is a challenge for an outdoor kiosk in a public environment, which takes into account vandalism and changing weather conditions. To overcome this, Pan Oston has specifically developed a membrane filter. Before the terminal was put into service, a large number of IK and IP classification tests were performed on the housing.

Service and maintenance of the terminal was an important requirement. The kiosk has therefore been developed in such a way that a service engineer can solve the malfunction in a split second. The removable hood of the kiosk, with integrated hardware and software, can be replaced by plug and play at once. This results in a high level of uptime, and the kiosk can quickly be reused by travellers.

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Payment & transaction kiosk
Transaction fines, process administration
paying scanning identifying
Betaalterminal CJIB Merlin
2015-09-29 RFE Merlin_CJIB
CJIB levering

Payment Kiosk Central judicial debt collection agency

They are in the Netherlands already referred to as 'flappenhappers' ('paper money eaters'): the payment kiosk of the Central judicial debt collection agency ( Dutch: CJIB). Through this payment terminal fines can be paid directly in cash or by pin, after which the money is directly transferred to the CJIB's account.

By 2015, Pan Oston provided the CJIB 200 payment terminals with the aim of less administration for agents and Royal Military Police and simplifying the payments process. Everyone knows the CJIB as the chargeback of traffic fines. But the CJIB also provides for the collection of other fines, such as those of fast-law cases. For example, people without permanent residence or foreign offenders, they must settle their fine immediately at the desk.

Merlin Technology asked Pan Oston in 2015 to help them develop this payment kiosk. A conceptual idea has been translated into a model for serial production. An important characteristic was the serviceability of the integrated hard- and software. In addition to the pedestal model, a mobile table model followed. The technical conditions were similar to the pedestal model, with the adjustment that it had to be compact. It had to be a mobile device which they could easily carry and relocate. Challenge was that it had no network connection and therefore we had to make a wireless connection through 4G. With a metal shell this is a challenge.

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How we do it

Concept idea

We come up with the best ideas through brainstorming and pooling our knowledge of customers and markets.

Research & Development

Based on orientation, research and experience, the first visualizations and technical specifications are elaborated. Choice of hardware, software and user interface (GUI & UX) provide the frameworks for the further process.

Engineering & prototype

Design study becomes practice. First prototype in the form of a mockup. The kiosk is constructed, engineered and engineered, modular, both IT-technical and mechanical engineering.

(Metal) production

State-of-the-art production facilities at various sites throughout Europe.

Assembly facilities

Complete assembly of furniture and hardware and software integration. The end-result: plug and play

On-site installation

Minimum installation time due to integration of components and Plug & Play furniture.

Optimum service

In various countries we have experienced service staff and service partners are on hand to ensure your furniture always operates in tip-top condition.
45 years of experience
6 countries
140 specialists

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